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    Importance of Campaigns & Awareness in Schools

    One major advantage of training initiatives and campaigns in schools remains that acquired knowledge doesn’t just stay in the classroom or within the school environment. Lessons from campaigns trickle down to the families and friends [...]
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    Attention to Food Nutrition and Safety

    A healthy child is a happy child who loves to eat good, clean and nutritious food. Healthy eating and being physically active are particularly important for children and adolescents. This is because their nutrition and [...]
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    Background on poor WASHQ Conditions and Outcome

    Sub–Saharan Africa is a region with more than 80% of all recorded morbidity/mortality cases caused by poor hygiene and lack of access to clean water. The United Nations estimates show that well over 800 children [...]


To give an opportunity to the unheard and underprivileged to contribute to Africa’s rising while achieving their dreams.

To encourage the youth to shun idleness resulting in violence and indulge in creative thinking, and partake in nation building

To raise leaders and decision makers

To enhance creativity and entrepreneurship, providing job opportunities

To reduce unemployment, poverty and suffering indices

To promote human and economic development in Africa.


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Suѕtаinаblе Education – Wауѕ to Achieve

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Africa stands great as a contributing giant to сivilizаtion and as the center for modern tесhnоlоgу yet lacks major infrastructures required to enhance great economic development. Issues Identified Tеасhеrѕ are kеу fасtоr contributors in thе [...]


Through our Ideas Bridge Academy (IBA), we engage in free coaching and development workshops for young innovation leaders and practitioners. We nurture creativity and innovation through the process of ideation; generating and developing new ideas, where all stages of the thought cycle through actualization are supported.

Our experts work side-by-side with innovators and intending entrepreneurs, providing continuous learning, mentorship, career counselling and access to further innovation tools and techniques.

As part of our Innovation programmes, we manage the Ideas Bridge Network (IBN), a platform for debates and discussions to engage the youth and middle aged in participatory National development discussions


We conduct descriptive and interventional studies and solicit Government participation and support in solving problems, implementing workable solutions.

Food and Water safety, Hygiene and Sanitation

Public Health/Environmental Health

​Women and Child Health

Agriculture and Food security

Education and Learning