​2. Idea Incubation, Development & Mentorship




1. Research & Advocacy

We conduct descriptive and interventional studies and solicit Government participation and support in solving problems, implementing workable solutions. 

  • To create opportunities for the Youth to gain useful experience in their area of expertise while serving the local community.
  • To create a network that is based on Research and innovation to encourage the youth to identify issues hindering development and build their capacity to advise problem-solving ideas. 
  • To deliver innovative programs and services that empower individuals and communities to achieve their full potential through our Ideas Development and Creativity session.
  • To host live changing Conferences, discussions, debates and interactive events that challenge the youth to embrace creativity and positive thinking.
  • To teach the youth how to create Employment opportunities through our Mentorship and Entrepreneurship programs
  • To Empower African Students in the area of food safety, nutrition and hygiene.

Promoting Youth Participation in National Development



To lead an interaction between a Nation’s Youth and Government, solving human and economic development problems through Research and

Ideas development.


About Us


Through our Ideas Bridge Academy (IBA), we engage in free coaching and development workshops for young innovation leaders and practitioners. We nurture creativity and innovation through the process of ideation; generating and developing new ideas, where all stages of the thought cycle through actualization are supported.

Our experts work side-by-side with innovators and intending entrepreneurs, providing continuous learning, mentorship, career counselling and access to further innovation tools and techniques.

As part of our Innovation programmes, we manage the Ideas Bridge Network (IBN), a platform for debates and discussions to engage the youth and middle aged in participatory National development  

The Focus on Development Africa Initiate (FodAfrica) started in 2013 as a Youth based organization that promotes participation in Human and Economic Development.  We take up projects that enable the youth to gain experience and earn income in their area of expertise while serving the community. We also create a platform for Youth interaction with the Government by building the capacity of youth to conduct in-depth evidence-based research, develop ideas, build community based projects and solicit individual, Stakeholder and Government support. 

  • ​​​​​​​​​ We believe the possibilities for innovation in Africa are endless.

  • To give an opportunity to the unheard and underprivileged to contribute to Africa’s rising while achieving their dreams.

  • Encourage the youth to shun idleness resulting in violence and indulge in creative thinking, and partake in nation building

  • Raise leaders and decision makers

  • To enhance creativity and entrepreneurship, providing job opportunities

  • To reduce unemployment, poverty and suffering indices
  • To promote human and economic development in Africa

  • Food and Water safety, Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Public Health/Environmental Health
  • ​Women and Child Health
  • Agriculture and Food security
  • Education and Learning